Wow, Emacs is Cool!


Disclaimer: I never finished this article while I was still using Emacs, so it's cut a little short.

I have been writing software since around 2008. I got my start with Roblox Studio, which was a very different piece of software back then. It includes a single-purpose text editor for editing Lua.

When it came time to start writing software outside of Roblox, probably beginning in early 2009, I cycled through a bunch of text editors. Notepad++, Scintilla, and Visual Studio 2008 are the big ones I remember. Eventually, I found Sublime Text. To this day, it's one of the only pieces of software I've paid for more than once.

My Sublime Text setup varied only a little bit over the years. I built a custom theme or two but eventually reverted to stock. I adopted Vim emulation using Vintage after meeting a curious fellow in my hometown. Later on, that became Vintageous and finally NeoVintageous.

Notably, I never really wrote any of my own extensions. My editor customization was only skin deep, and I thought that was fine.

Well, recently I decided to try out Emacs. I started with Spacemacs, and mostly for performance reasons I've switched to Doom Emacs. I'm super impressed with how blurry the line is between configuration and plugins.